Frankincense Resin - Pure Incense
Frankincense Resin - Pure Incense

Frankincense Resin - Pure Incense

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Frankincense Resin - Pure Incense 

A Holy grail in ritual work and cleansing your space and aura of heavy, evil and disruptive energies and entities. It is also very powerful in ridding your home from sleep paralysis demons. There's a reason why it is renowned and often used worldwide to cleanse temples, churches, and spaces of ritual and worship. During rites of passage in death, Frankincense is burned and the smoke is passed around the vessel to keep menacing soul snatching entities away and paves an open and secure route for the soul to transition. 

In house blessings, along with sage and cedarwood, Frankincense is the resin/smoke of choice for purifying a new home or a home that has experienced traumatic events.

Burn this resin on top on ignited Charcoal Master Charcoal Disc or Red Ruby Charcoal Disc that is seated in Black Ritual Sand in a fire incense holder to gain optimal results.

Comes as a generous 3.3 ounces in a large black reusable circular tin with a tin and transparent screw top lid for safe and extended storage.

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