Scents Are Spiritual

Scents are Spiritual. 

Most spirits, aside from their energy, will introduce themselves or make themselves known through scent. For example, the Haitian Lwa Erzulie Dantor, when entering a space will fill it with the scent of either tobacco or strong rich red wine. Some daemonic entities and spirits, aside from shifting the density of the air in the room, they will state their presence by filling the space with smell of potent Sulphur. There are spirits such as the Virgin Mary (she definitely exists), when she visits my mother, the entire room that we are in smells of a divine flowery perfume that I have yet to smell anywhere else. I'm almost convinced that, that scent doesn't exist in the physical plane. It is that ethereal of an essence. Scents are spiritual. There are certain deities who will not step into a room or space, no matter how much you do to summon them, if they are not agreeable to the aroma in the room. 

Scent is a siphoning tool. You can use it to lure a spirit or lull them in and appease their supernatural olfactory senses before petitioning them for whatever you desire. Scent posses different level of energy and vibration that appeal to and beckon to different Gods, Deities, Spirits, and entities. When doing ritual work and spells, and devotional work to your spirits and guardians, use scents wisely and intentionally - as Spiritual siphons.  This is part of the reason behind the Spiritual Room Sprays (among other items like our Condition Oils) that I have curated in Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Apothecary. Use different Spiritual Room Sprays on different days, or different times of the day, for different purposes. Whether it's to usher in the energy of abundance and wealth, cleanliness and authority, or the energy of a particular Spirit or Deity, our Spiritual Room Spray shifts and shapes the energy of the room, conducive to your desires.

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