Working With Your Ancestors

There is no greater ally than your ancestors that want you to succeed in this life. You are their continuance and ultimately their desire is to see their lineage continue and thrive. To continue the blood line. To continue the soul line. It is through this succession that those of our ancestors who still have work to do, can reincarnate back into this realm. Treat them with honor and respect, and utmost care because the living and the dead will trade places. Instill the practice now so that when you become an ancestor, you too, shall be taken care of. 

To start working with your ancestors, you will need a designated area or room for them. It is best if the surface area is of a material found in nature such a wood, so a wooden nightstand or coffee table will do. It isnt necessary to cover the entire table with a white cloth unless youre doing a feast for them. Otherwise a white cloth should be present on the altar in some way: either folded length wise and draped over an area on the table or folded neatly and placed in an area on the altar to be opened and used when needed. You will need at least 2 clear glasses of water: One for each parental side, whether you know your parents or not. Water is a powerful tool that serves as a conduit for the spirits, a doorway and portal, and scrying tool. The ancestors will draw energy from it but also use it as a gateway to the altar you have established for them. 

In Haitian Vodou, our ancestors are in the spirit realm, under water. They return back, earth side through the water filled womb. Water is the portal. You will need a Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Ancestors Fixed Candle and a Witness Candle White™. You will need 1 cup of coffee and a mound or loaf of fresh bread. You will need White sage and frankincense to cleanse, clear, and purify the space, preparing it for your ancestors to be ushered in. You will use the Witness Candle White to announce yourself, speak your full name and date of birth, then , if you know them, speak the names of your mother first then of your father. If you know the names of your grandparents you will then announce then next, starting with your maternal grandmother, then your maternal grandfather, and then your paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. If you know the names of your great-grandparents, you will continue announcing them in the same sequence and fashion as aforementioned. 

Smoke acts as a spiritual conduit, so some form of incense should be present. I recommend Frankincense. Its purifying and inviting to good spirits. You should be aware that not all ancestors are good ancestors. Some may have shady pasts, which may end up in your benefit, because duality is important across the  board. However there are ancestors who don't want you to succeed, that may wish you harm. The presence of frankincense burning will help filter that out. 

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