Church Masala Incense
Church Masala Incense

Church Masala Incense

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Church Masala Incense - 1 Sealed Box

A unique scent marked by its thousands of years of use, Catholic Church Masala Incense will transport you to the midst of a Cathedral in the astral realm. Sweetly smoky, yet simultaneously fresh and olfactory awakening, this hand rolled incense will bless every layer of your senses.

Invite good fortune and protection with Catholic Church Incense by Hem found at Haus of Drakhaaraas™. It is an organic masala incense that consists of camphor, spicy galbanum, frankincense, gold myrrh, citrus, dark aged patchouli, sandalwood and wood amber. They're grounded into a powder consistency and rolled using saps and oils into incense sticks. All of these ingredients are pivotal in ritual work when clearing an atmosphere of stagnant and negative energy and ushering in positive, elevated vibrations. Divine scent, Divine ingredients, for Divine work. 

Consider pairing this with our exquisite Vampire Blood Incense for the ultimate gothic duo.

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