Eucalyptus Smudge Wand
Eucalyptus Smudge Wand

Eucalyptus Smudge Wand

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Eucalyptus Smudge Wand - ooo - 1 Smudge Wand in Pouch

Eucalyptus is notoriously used in many forms for its sinus clearing and mucous expectorant abilities. In spiritual practices it is used to clear up spiritual debris and promote spiritual healing. Burn Eucalyptus Smudge Wand in "sick-room" or prior to working spiritual and physical healing rituals. Use it to also clear a space or home that recently had someone sick inside. Illness is a very strong and permeating energy that lingers around loong after someone has healed. Ridding it physical and spiritually helps keeps the aura of your space malady free.

Consider using Eucalyptus Smudge Wand with Haus of Drakhaaraas ™ White Copal Resin - Pure Incense, Gaya Fixed CandleHealth and Healing Mystic Bath, and/or Dudu Osun Spiritual Cleansing Black Soap, for a potent package of spiritual cleansing.

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