Gaya Fixed Haus Candle
Gaya Fixed Haus Candle

Gaya Fixed Haus Candle

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Santé et Guerrison {Health and Healing}
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Gaya Fixed Haus Candle -  Santé et Guerrison | Health and Healing 

A Haus of Drakhaaraas™ exclusive, Gaya, also written as Gaïa, is absolute healing. Gaya is an ancient and archaic word that means "To be healed' in Haitian Creole.  Use this fixed candle to aid in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. Clients who have used this candle have gone from being hospitalized, spiritually afflicted, or depressed and a number of different maladies and afflictions to returning back to optimal health.

In instances of medical and health related conditions, use the candle in conjunction with your medical treatments and medical advice from a licensed physician. This candle works on a metaphysical level and is not made to replace medical advice or recommendations and /or medication from a licensed physician. However, it is a powerful tool and adjunct to use in conjunction with. Some situations go beyond the physical plane and transcend into the spiritual, energetic, and metaphysical plain which is where this candle does its magic.  

Use Witness Candle Blue with Gaya Fixed Haus Candle to get the most out of this ritual.

Fixed candles are composed with oils, powders, herbs, roots, magick, intention, ritual, ceremony, prayer and powerful spiritual intervention.

The nature of spiritual work requires that all Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Fixed Haus Candles are made when ordered. Due to this notion, all fixed candle sales are Final once in process.

All HOD™ Fixed Haus Candles come with instructions.

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