Holy Basil Spiritual Room Spray
Holy Basil Spiritual Room Spray

Holy Basil Spiritual Room Spray

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Holy Basil Spiritual Room Spray - 1 Glass Bottle - 2 Fluid Ounces

Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Exclusive Holy Basil Spiritual Room Spray - Concentrated {Potent}

Holy Basil, also referred to spiritually as Queen Basil, is a powerful herb in cleansing negative energy and attracting positive energies that include love and luxury.

All Spiritual Room Sprays are created in Haus. Made from distilled water, herbs, roots, and pure essential oils, ritual, and magick, these room sprays are formulated and conjured to shift the energies in any room, to the intentional energy of the spray. Use to scent your home or altar room or altar space. Safe enough to use sparingly around clothing and upholstery made of natural materials. 

All natural ingredients are used. Thoughtfully curated to be Environmentally Friendly as my spiritual ethics intend to be.

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