How To Use Cascarilla Optimally

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How to use Cascarilla Optimally 

There are various ways that Cascarilla is used but this post will tell you the most optimal ways to make powerful utilization of this sacred tool.

Firstly, let's divulge on what Cascarilla is. Eggshells are the primary, and sometimes only, physical ingredient in cascarilla. The eggshells are emptied of their internal contents and the remaining shells are dried out then crushed through various methods: some use food processors, others use a grinding tool like a mortar and pestle. At Haus of Drakhaaraas ™, our Fine Ground Cascarilla is always hand milled, 9 times over to provide a very finely grounded consistency similar to powder. This enables us to provide you with a variety of ways to use it. We also offer the coarse version, Coarse Cascarilla, where the cascarilla is hand milled twice over. This consistency makes it best for use in gris gris bags that tend to be porous, and also mixing it with herbs to create a tailored incense, spiritual concoction, and makes it ideal for certain rituals that require "pieces".

Uses of Cascarilla 

Portal Opening ° Portal Creations There are variating ways and degrees in using cascarilla

At Haus of Drakhaaraas ™, one our favorite ways is using it as a portal to go from one reality to another or transition from one realm to another. One sure fire way of pronating this use is using Fine Ground Cascarilla on the fleshy side of your Left thumb and left Index finger and creating a full circle onto the surface that you will be doing your ritual on. Next, your ritual will take place in the center of it. Your finished cascarilla circle should look like two circles with the circumferences of each one close to the other.

{If you feel would fancy or feel like you would benefit from a demonstration, provide your sentiments in the comments and I'll be happy to provide one.}

Other Cascarilla Uses 

Cascarilla can be used in:

Spiritual Baths

Sigil Scribing

Veve Scribing (although dried uncooked cornmeal is optimal for occultic Vodou purposes)

Loose Incense

Floor Washes

Wall Washes

Candle Dressing

Filling a poppet or cloth doll in the center for Health, Protection, and Fertility purposes

Road Opening Rituals

Third Eye Blessing after a Spiritual Cleanse

Consecration Rituals 

Spiritual Baptism Ceremonies

Coarse Cascarilla can be used in Break-up Spells

Coarse Cascarilla can be used in Codd Cutting Spells

Hex Removals...

Feel Free to share your ways of using cascarilla in the comments.

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Kenny R.

Date 6/18/2023

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