Hyssop Herb
Hyssop Herb

Hyssop Herb

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Hyssop Herb - 1, 2, or 4 Ounces Net WT - Dried

This herb is a powerful cleansing herb all on its own. Add some to your baths, head-washes, floor and wall washes, or prayer candles. Add to a gris-gris bag and keep it hung on or close by your front door as a spiritual filter for energies coming in and out of your home. 

Haus of Drakhaaraas™ herbs are always top quality, spiritually potent and activated. However, be sure to always speak your own intentions into the herbs as you're using them to fine tune the magic in them and their abilities to benefit and aid you.

Comes as 1, 2 or 4 generous ounces net weight of herbs in an environmentally responsible resealable pouch for storage.

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