Lavender Herb {Spikenard}
Lavender Herb {Spikenard}

Lavender Herb {Spikenard}

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Lavender Herb - {Spikenard}

A highly sacred and highly fragrant herb, Lavender also known as Spikenard due to its unique shape as it flourishes, is used in good fortune spells, peaceful home spells, blessings, and protection. It's most notably used for spiritual cleansings. It's Latin and French derived name stems from -lavé which means to wash. It's color is of the divine frequency of royalty, and wisdom- two instances where spiritual purity is required in order to ascend into. Lavender is also used in ceremonies for renewals such as handfasting or marriage anniversaries, baptisms and initiations, and spiritual ranking ascensions.

Use this herb to add into oils, floor and wall washes, spiritual baths or try burning this fragrant powerhaus of an herb on one of Haus of Drakhaaraas ™ charcoal discs, Red Ruby Charcoal Disc or Charcoal Master Charcoal Disc as a dry herb incense to fill your space with meditative energy, calm peaceful energy, and to cleanse your aura via smoke cleansing.

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