Natural Cotton
Natural Cotton 'Coton Peyi'

Natural Cotton "Coton Peyi'

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Natural Cotton - Coton Peyi - 5 Ounces Net WT - 1 Pouch

A Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Exclusive, Natural Cotton is earth derived cotton grown and plucked directly from the earth. It is natural, unrefined and potent with earth energy that creates a direct link to the spiritual world as well as the energy of abundance in making contact and connections. It is referred to as 'Coton Peyi' in Haitian Creole. It is used for spiritual oil lamps for making spiritual petitions to spirits for health, money, assistance, knowledge, revelations, and so much more. It's used for reaching ancestors and the spirits of your ancestral land as well. This cotton is also optimal as an offering to the spirits, dependant on the type of oil you use with it. 

The cotton comes prepared by being split and rolled in a secret ritualistic way and placed in a resealable pouch for safe storage. 

If you wish to have your Coton Peyi unprepared and as a mound so that you may prepare it how you wish, please indicate that in the comment section of your checkout page.

Haus of Drakhaaraas™ curios are always top quality, spiritually potent and activated. However, be sure to always speak your own intentions into them as you're using them to fine tune the magic in them and their abilities to benefit and aid you.

Comes as 5 Ounces Net Weight, in an environmentally responsible resealable pouch for storage.

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