Obsession Fixed Haus Candle
Obsession Fixed Haus Candle

Obsession Fixed Haus Candle

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Binding Love Potion No.3
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Obsession Fixed Haus Candle - Binding Love Potion No. 3

This powerful ritual in a candle formulates an obsessive nature in your target/lover for you. If your desire is to be worshipped, and loved, dotted over and utterly obsessed over, then this is the candle for you. 

But be mindful of your target's/lover's nature. The obsession can become dangerous if the person has a nature for violence or control. If this becomes the reality, use Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Cord Cutting Fixed Haus Candle to rectify this situation.

Use Witness Candle Red with Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Obsession Fixed Haus Candle.

Fixed candles are composed with oils, powders, herbs, roots, magick, intention, ritual, ceremony, prayer and powerful spiritual intervention.

The nature of spiritual work requires that all Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Fixed Haus Candles are made when ordered. Due to this notion, all fixed candle sales are Final once in process.

All HOD™ Fixed Haus Candles come with instructions.

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