Spiritual Craft|Offering Mug {Crimson}
Spiritual Craft|Offering Mug {Crimson}

Spiritual Craft|Offering Mug {Crimson}

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Offering Mug (Crimson) - 12 OZ/ 350 ML - 1 Mug in box

A Haus of Drakhaaraas™ exclusive, this 12 oz/350 ml capacity enamel mug is a staple in spirit and deity libation offerings. Use it to pour liquid offerings into the earth or ground/floor or on your deity's or spirits altar. Or utilize it for your own personal and spiritual uses. 

Offering Mug is tolerable of both Hot and Cold Liquids. Practice precaution when handling hot drinks and libations.

Color features are crimson red exterior and black rim with a milk white interior. It measures as 3.7 in x 3.3 in (D x H).

Long lasting, strong durable build and weight, and a spiritual world's favorite.

Consider using this color with Deities such as Erzulie Dantor, Lilith, Ogou, Papa Legba, or with other deities or ancestors if the color resonates with them.

To clean, use soapy warm water and dry off with an absorbent towel or paper towel.

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