Ritual Match Sticks {Alchemist}
Ritual Match Sticks {Alchemist}

Ritual Match Sticks {Alchemist}

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Ritual Match Sticks - In the Color "Alchemist"

A Haus of Drakhaaraas™ exclusive, these Ritual Match Sticks measure at 4 inches long with the thought of fire safety in mind. "Alchemist" is a batch of rich black stem with a Gold striking tip. These matches are made to use with your spells and rituals. Each batch is imbued with earth and fire magic to contribute to your workings. 

It comes with pine wood match sticks saturated in coal,  in a beautiful corked glass bottle with a honeycomb striker pad at the bottom of the glass as well as along the back, widthwise, of the glass vial. The match sticks are topped with a cork inside the glass and sealed with black stretch resealable mystic tape. 

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