Sacred Spiritual Scarf {Emerald}
Sacred Spiritual Scarf {Emerald}

Sacred Spiritual Scarf {Emerald}

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Sacred Spiritual Scarves also known as "Mouschwa" in Haïtian Kreyòl. It's used to represent the energy of any given Lwa that vibrates on the frequency of that color. There is a way to designate a scarf for a particular Lwa that requires a small ritual & certain markings made on the scarf. It can also be used for a Lwa if the color coincides with another Lwa that the initial Lwa is married to. 

They are also used with Occult Deities. Place it on their altars as an altar cloth or wrap their offerings and gifts in them when presenting them when making your devotions to the deity. 

These sacred scarves can also be used to haus a spirit for a variety of reasons. They can be used as spiritual fashion, or sacred head scarves when covering your head during ceremony or while doing rituals. The uses are many and so are the color options. 

This one is in the color Emerald {Rich Green}.

They measure at 35 x 35 inches. Quite large for an array of uses.

Consider using our Sacred Spiritual Scarf with Damballah Wedo LWA Luxury Fixed Devotional | Petition Candle, High John The Conqueror Occult Fixed Devotional | Petition Candle, or to set up your altar while using our Road Opener Fixed CandleMoney Fixed Candle or Good Luck Fixed Candle and using it to tie your head after completing a cleansing ritual bath with our Prosperity Mystic Bath.

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