Sanctified Water
Sanctified Water

Sanctified Water

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Sanctified Water

A Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Exclusive, Sanctified Water is made to sanctify and object, person, or space. Conjured through a ritualistic process with Moringa seeds from the Tree of Life, just as the biblical Moses did in Exodus on the great heights of Mount Sinai, and other divinely significant ingredients, this water is highly potent and effective in consecrating spiritual tools and items as well. Use sparingly as a little goes a powerfully long way. It's a necessity in ANY practitioners arsenal.

Haus of Drakhaaraas ™ curios are always top quality, spiritually potent and activated. However, be sure to always speak your own intentions into them as you're using them to fine tune the magick in them and their abilities to benefit and aid you.

Comes as 8 Fluid Ounces in a sealed glass bottle.

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