Spiritual Compass
Spiritual Compass

Spiritual Compass

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Spiritual Compass - 1 Compass - 1 Small Magnet

Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Exclusive Spiritual Compass

Knowing where North, East, South, and West are located are very important in ritual and spell work. Certain rituals require to be done facing a certain direction or facing AWAY from a particular direction. Very often, it is imperative to salute the spirits and the energies that reside at the Watchtowers of each cardinal direction. 

This Spiritual Compass is a great tool that aids you in being able to know and recognize your directions, no matter where you are. The bezel has 360 rotating capabilities and glow-in-the-dark- capabilities, when spell work is needed to be done in the dark. Get the most and the best out of all of your ritual and spell work.

Comes as 1 compass fill with damp oil. It's secured and cushioned in a muslin pouch for safe storage. It also comes with 1 small magnet to realign the compass to true North if for any reason the compass gets misaligned by coming in contact with another magnetic item or field.

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