Truth Fixed Haus Candle
Truth Fixed Haus Candle

Truth Fixed Haus Candle

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Truth Fixed Haus Candle - Tell The Truth, Shame The Liar

A Haus of Drakhaaraas™ Exclusive, Truth Fixed Haus Candle. Lies and its many shades attempt to contend with the truth. Yet the truth contends with none. Get the truth out one way or another. This fixed candle is made to extract the truth in any and every way possible. Keep in mind that one's truth is their perspective, but The Truth, is The Truth and that is what will be revealed. Using metaphysical aspects of roots, herbs, oils, powders, ritual and alchemy to influence circumstances and people around you to reveal the truth. 

Whether it's getting to the bottom of a story that doesn't quite make sense, discovering the truth behind your lovers whereabouts, or getting people to tell the truth to vindicate you or a situation, unveiling betrayals, and even getting to the bottom of family secrets, and so many other scenarios and situations, this candle is your advocate.

Use Witness Candle Gray with Truth Fixed Haus Candle to get the most optimal results. 

All fixed candles come with clear instructions, however feel free to email Haus of Drakhaaraas™ with any concerns and/or questions.

Fixed candles are composed with oils, herbs, roots, magick, intention, ritual, ceremony, prayer and powerful spiritual intervention.

All candles are fixed upon order for spiritual purposes.

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