Vampire Blood Incense
Vampire Blood Incense

Vampire Blood Incense

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Vampire Blood Incense - 15 grams - 1 box

A unique exotic blend of scents that sensually pleases the senses, Vampire Blood Incense is a highly coveted incense. Create an ambiance fit for an immortal with the complex scent of sweet and warm, yet crisp smoke of this incense. Its as intriguing and alluring, yet intricately curious as the existence of the beloved yet equally feared VVampyr. Exclusively sold at Haus of Drakhaaraas™.

Consider pairing this incense with Lilith Occult Fixed Devotional | Petition Candle as a smoke offering to the Deity. Also, consider coupling Vampire Blood Incense with our savory Church Masala Incense for the ultimate gothic duo experience.

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