Wolf Full Moon in Cancer | First Full Moon of the Year (2022)

So, here we are, in the boughs of the first Full Moon of the year... The Wolf moon. Alpha in its own right. As an April Aries with a lot of Scorpio all throughout my chart, I identify deeply with Wolves. Venus is in Retrograde right now and so is Mercury which is a double helix for those of you in relationships and what I like to call "situationships". Hold off on the arguments, double check your phones to make sure calls ended correctly and necessary messages were indeed sent and not stuck in queue or mysteriously disappeared. 

Try to avoid signing contracts of any kind around this time but if there's no way around it, have it checked thrice. With the full moon in sensitive and emotional Cancer, it's best to do rituals involving breaking sexual and emotional ties...Y'all know what I'm talking about ... The toxic sex with that partner that only brings negativity and downfall, but you just can't seem to stop .. Now's the time to light your fixed candles for that and do your cleansing ritual baths. 

The power in the Full Moon will impregnate your intentions. With the power of the Wolf energy imbued in this time from wolves howling at the moon abundantly more now than at any other time( wolves are intuitive and mystical AF... They know what's needed and exactly when), you'll be able to release things on your own rather than needing the constant push. As the moon depletes towards being new, every reduction releases what you've intended to release in your ritual. Once the moon is New and begins to fill in again, work on manifestations you wish to bring to fruition. As the moon fills out, so will your wishes and desires. Blessed Full First Moon y'all. -Manbo Drakhaaraas ????????? 

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