Spiritual Reading
Spiritual Reading

Spiritual Reading

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Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings will come in variated forms. Depending on the situation at hand, either I will voyage into the astral realm, Mirror and/or water scry, divine with pendulums and /or tarot cards, or my spirits may mount me and talk to you directly. I may even go into a deep dream state and return with my findings. Again, I won't know the fashion of your reading until I consult you, and consult with my guardians and spirits. 

Due to the nature of this reading and the various forms that may take place, the reading will be provided at least 2 days after the day that is selected from the drop down box. The day selected from the drop down box is the day I will commence your reading. Please be mindful of this time frame.

If a tarot divination is all you require, then go to my tarot listings Tarot Reading

For Spiritual Readings, Please provide your full name and date of birth at the comment section on your checkout page, and a recent photograph should be sent to [email protected] with your order/invoice number.

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