Black Ritual Salt
Black Ritual Salt

Black Ritual Salt

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Black Ritual Salt - 1 Glass Bottle

A Haus of Drakhaaraas™ exclusive blend, Black Ritual Salt is a powerful conglomerate of coarse Haitian sea salt, serpent skin, asafoetida, amongst several other powerful occult components and ritual. It comes layered and sealed. It used for powerful protection from day to day, powerful protection when doing divinations and opening portals or calling down infernal and ethereal spirits, warding your home against spiritual attacks and spiritual familiars sent to spy on you or bring you harm. It is also used for revelation when placed in a spiritual body bath or a spiritual foot soak.

It is important to consecrate the ritual salt by holding it in your left hand between your thumb and index finger, and shake vigorously while speaking your intentions out loud and claiming this salt as a form of protection and revelation for you while all of the components blend in to one another.

Comes as a generous 3 ounces in a glass bottle or 5 ounces in a glass bottle, topped with a cork and sealed in a black stretch witch tape.

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