Woods Incense
Woods Incense

Woods Incense

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Woods Incense - 15 g - 1 Box

A unique experience of crisp yet smoky and slightly spicy blend of pine resins, cedar, black forest, and juniper, melangéd with natural oils of cinnamon, geranium, musk and transformative sandalwood, Woods Agarbathi Incense Stick transports you into the realm of the natural world, where every form and dimension of Magick is possible.

It's a deliciously scented agarbathi incense, hand crafted and with natural oils and resins. Woods incense creates an ambiance that whisks you away into nature, the grounded firmament where magick and abundance is birthed. With additional notes of fresh soil, oak moss, and dark citrus wood. Exclusively sold at Haus of Drakhaaraas™.

Consider pairing this incense with Success Fixed Candle or Minokan Haitian Vodou Devotional | Petition Candle as a smoke offering to the 21 Vodou nations.

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